Download Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger – Season 1 Episode 5


Tyrone asks O’Reilly for help in implicating Connors. She agrees, but tells him to keep away for his safety. Tandy later informs Tyrone that she can control her powers. While at home, Tyrone teleports to Billy’s friend Duane Porter who now runs a home building enterprise and the two catch up. Tandy applies as an intern at Roxxon Gulf to get close to the higher-ups and uses her powers to see that many of them wish to overthrow their CEO. Tyrone plays the basketball tournament, but during halftime, he accidentally teleports to a Roxxon party Tandy is attending and both discover that the CEO of Roxxon Gulf is Peter Scarborough who was responsible for defaming Nathan. Tandy gets Tyrone to teleport back just in time for the game to resume. As Tyrone plays, he picks up on the opposing team players’ fears and ends up throwing the game for them. Tandy meets Scarborough and uses her powers to see that he is a greedy man. O’Reilly is “caught” by Connors huffing cocaine, but he sympathizes, though it is implied that she is setting him up to look for the supplier. After a night with Evita, Tyrone discovers that Duane is working with Connors and that he knows the truth about Billy’s death. Tandy meets Mina Hess and learns that her father Ian worked with Nathan for Roxxon Gulf.

Season Number: Season 1
Episode Number: Episode 5

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