Ghoul season 1 episode 1 – Complete Free Download


Full Name: Ghoul season 1 episode 1 – complete free download
Genres: Thriller , Sci-fi , Drama , Horror

Release Date: 24 Aug 2018
Language: English, hindi



The story begins in a dystopian future in India where terrorism has become widely prevalent and the country is in turmoil. The government has taken a strong stance against the uprising and has set up National Protection Squad (NPS) to curb terrorism. It has also setup numerous detention facilities across the country where people with anti-government mentalities are being “rehabilitated” for “cleansing”. The government special force infiltrates one suspected terrorist hideout and captures alive the most dreaded terrorist Ali Saeed, who, before being detained, whispers something in the team leader’s ears. The story then shifts one month before to Nida Rahim, a fresh NPS recruit who has a strong belief in the government policies and dreams of bringing in a better future by being a part of the system. Nida’s father Shahnawaz Rahim however, shares a different opinion and is disgusted by the govt. atrocities. On her way to her training facility when Nida and her father are harassed by govt. forces, he becomes furious and tells that the govt. must pay the price for such violence against common people. Realizing the fact that her father is harnessing anti-govt mindset, Nida alarms the govt. officials and her father is taken away to one such detainment facility. One month later, Nida, who is now an interrogation specialist trainee, gets recruited by one of the detention facilities Meghdoot 31. Upon reaching there she gets introduced to her colleagues and gets a tour of the facility meeting the prisoners in course. She then gets introduced to Col. Sunil Dacunha, the head of the facility. Col. Dacunha tells her that based on her exceptional performance during training and the sacrifice she had made by tipping off against her own father, she has been recruited 2 weeks before her training completion to interrogate Ali Saeed, who has been captured and is being brought to Meghdoot 31 for questioning. The episode ends with Saeed arriving in the facility amidst heavy rain and thunderstorms.

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