Ghoul season 1 episode 2 – Complete Free Download


Full Name: Ghoul season 1 episode 2 – complete free download
Genres: Thriller , Sci-fi , Drama , Horror

Release Date: 24 Aug 2018
Language: English, hindi


Saeed in taken inside the detention facility where Dacunha’s entire team tries to make him speak. However, Saeed doesn’t utter a single word. When Laxmi tells Nida to give a try, she is unable to hit Saeed and hears him calling her ‘Nidu’, a pet name that Nida’s father used to call her lovingly. Dacunha tells everyone to get rest for a few hours and begin interrogation again. During the break, everyone in the facility gets livid dreams which emphasize the guilt they have for things they have done in the past. Nida shoots her father in her dream and later he appears disfigured telling her that the price of wrongdoings will need to be paid. Once the interrogation resumes, Nida and 2 other veteran interrogation experts -Chaudhari and Gupta- try to break Saeed. However, soon the CCTV cameras and microphones malfunction and Saeed whispers, asking Chaudhari and Gupta as to who’s plan it was to kill the Lady and her child, it leads to an argument between the two and they eventually turn against each other which leads to Gupta being stabbed by Chaudhari. Dacunha tells a shocked Nida to leave and tries to interrogate Saeed on his own. Saeed then starts to murmur something in an unknown language. Nida brings in Maulvi, another detainee, who tells her that the language Saeed is speaking is an ancient one which he doesn’t recall Saeed ever learning as he had seen Saeed grow up and was quite close to him. As Dacunha questions Saeed, Saeed starts quoting Dacunha’s wife and the various arguments they had which resulted in her leaving with their daughter. Angered, Dacunha electrocutes Saeed incessantly which leads to the power of the facility switching off due to a short circuit. While everyone tries to restore the power, Nida asks an unconscious Saeed about her father and encounters the Ghoul. Nida tries to tell to everyone that Saeed is not human but a Ghoul, but nobody believes her. Instead, they call for Faulad Singh, a dreaded interrogation specialist known to go to any limit to make someone talk. Later upon Nida’s insistence, Maulvi tells her that Saeed is a Ghoul and that a Ghoul can be summoned by drawing a symbol with one’s own blood, it can bite anyone’s flesh and assume their identity. The episode ends with Faulad Singh arriving and then entering the torture chamber, Saeed is heard saying “It is about to begin”.

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