Ghoul season 1 episode 3 – Complete Free Download


Full Name: Ghoul season 1 episode 3 – complete free download
Genres: Thriller , Sci-fi , Drama , Horror

Release Date: 24 Aug 2018
Language: English, hindi


After Faulad Singh enters Saeed’s chamber, all other personnel leave the place -leaving no one on standby- on the insistence of one of them who cites that Singh prefers to work in privacy, they leave without question as they’re confident in Singh’s ability. Soon after, Faulad Singh comes out and frees all the prisoners. Nida, who hid outside Saeed’s chamber finds out that the Ghoul has decapitated Faulad and assumed his identity. She runs as the Ghoul chases her and is saved by the other officers. Dacunha now believes in Nida but most of the other officers -lead by Laxmi- believe that Nida is a terrorist who has come with the aid of Dacunha to avenge her father’s death. Nida is locked inside a room where all the other escaped prisoners are in hiding. Nida finds out from them that Ahmad, one of the prisoners, was not involved with any of the terrorist activities and was mistakenly captured. However, Chaudhari and Gupta killed Ahmad’s wife and son in front of him, in a bid to make him talk, after which he became mum out of shock. Realization also dawns on Nida that the Chamber they are in is an execution chamber and the very place her father was killed. They soon realize that one of them is the Ghoul and everyone tries to escape in a panic. It is revealed that the Ghoul has assumed Maulvi’s identity and attacks everyone. Everbody except Nida and Ahmad get killed and Nida gets bitten by the Ghoul. As the Ghoul takes Nida’s identity and saves Ahmad, an injured Nida finds the remaining soldiers. Laxmi tries to torture Nida but gets shot and killed by Dacunha. Once everyone realises that the Ghoul exists, they all confine themselves in a room and wait for backup to arrive. But soon enough the truth is revealed to Nida that these detention facilities are actually places where people with anti-govt mindsets are tortured and killed, once information is extracted out of them. Her father was also a victim of the same and before being executed summoned the Ghoul to make his daughter realize the truth behind the Government’s facade and see for herself the atrocities it commits in the name of patriotism. Dacunha also confesses to Nida that she was called for Saeed’s interrogation because Saeed, before his capture, whispered Nida’s name in an officer’s ear (Episode 1). The Ghoul, now in the form of one of the soldiers, attacks everyone inside while Nida breaks open a window and escapes the facility along with Ahmad, only to find that the place has been surrounded by the backup team. Dacunha kills the Ghoul with a hand grenade explosion and tries to escape but Nida kills him with a shotgun as a punishment for all the crimes that he had committed over the years. Nida is taken into custody for killing her commanding officer where she reveals the truth about the detainment centre to the higher officials. But it seems that everyone is aware of this fact and it has been the modus operandi of the govt. since the beginning. As the officials mock Nida by telling her that she won’t be able to fight against the entire system alone and eventually throw her into prison, it is revealed that she had kept a razor hidden inside her mouth. The episode ends with Nida preparing to make her own blood sacrifice to summon the Ghoul again.


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