The Flash Season 01 All Episodes Free Download


Full Name: The Flash Season 01 All Episodes Free Download
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama

size : 120MB
Release Date: 7 Oct 2014 – 19 May 2015
Language: English
Cast: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker

Barry Allen awakens 9 months after he was struck by lightning and finds that the jolt gave him the force of super speed. With his new group and powers, Barry turns into “The Flash” and battles wrongdoing in Central City.

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The Flash S01E01 ‘Pilot’


CSI examiner Barry Allen stirs from a state of extreme lethargy, nine months after he was hit by lightning, and finds he has superhuman rate

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The Flash S01E02 ‘Fastest Man Alive’


Barry tackles a gathering of furnished men at a recompenses service, yet reactions from his new super power get up to speed with him.

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The Flash S01E03 ‘Things You Can’t Outrun’


Barry and Joe track a destructive metahuman with harmful gas forces, and Caitlin remembers the night of the blast that executed her life partner.

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The Flash S01E04 ‘Going Rogue’


To take a precious jewel, Captain Cold secures a specific weapon that can kill the Flash. Joe opposes Eddie and Iris dating.

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The Flash S01E05 ‘Plastique’


While attempting to motivate Iris to quit blogging about the Flash, Barry examines a general’s association with an unstable metahuman

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The Flash S01E06 ‘The Flash Is Born’


Barry tackles his adolescence spook, who can now transform himself into steel. Iris at long last coins the moniker “the Flash.”

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The Flash S01E07 ‘Power Outage’


Utilizing his metahuman energy to siphon power, Blackout denies Barry of his pace, then sets his sights on S.T.A.R. labs and Dr. Wells.

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The Flash S01E08 ‘Flash vs. Arrow’


The Arrow touches base to offer the Flash some assistance with investigating a progression of manslaughters, yet a metahuman who can control feelings turns them against one another.

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The Flash S01E09 ‘The Man in the Yellow Suit’


The Flash must go up against the Reverse-Flash, the man who slaughtered his mom. Caitlin gets astounding news about her life partner, Ronnie.

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The Flash S01E10 ‘Revenge of the Rogues’


While the Flash gets ready to vanquish the Reverse-Flash, Captain Cold and Heat Wave group up to capture Caitlin

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The Flash S01E11 ‘The Sound and the Fury’


A previous protégé of Dr. Wells utilizes sound waves to assault the Flash, while Iris confronts inconvenience in her new employment

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The Flash S01E12 ‘Crazy for You’


Caitlin conveys Barry out to a karaoke bar, trusting they both meet another person; Cisco contemplates Hartley’s hazardous recommendation; Henry’s snooping gets him into inconvenience.

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The Flash S01E13 ‘The Nuclear Man’


After Ronnie assaults a physicist, Barry and the group follow him. Joe enrolls Cisco’s assistance in the reinvestigation of Nora Allen’s homicide. Barry battles with his relationship and his obligations as The Flash.

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The Flash S01E14 ‘Fallout’


After the atomic blast isolates Ronnie and Dr. Stein, Barry and the group accept both men are sheltered. Barry gets some imperative data about time travel.

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The Flash S01E15 ‘Out of Time’


Mark Mardon, having survived his clear passing amid the dark matter blast, returns looking for reprisal on Joe for the demise of his sibling Clyde and has the same climate control powers as his perished kin.

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The Flash S01E16 ‘Rogue Time’


The Flash discovers that Captain Cold and Heat Wave have come back to Central City. This time Snart has brought along his infant sister Lisa otherwise known as Golden Glider to wreak destruction on the city.

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The Flash S01E17 ‘Tricksters’


A duplicate feline executioner who passes by the name The Trickster begins setting off bombs in Central City. Keeping in mind the end goal to stop the reprobate, Barry and Joe meet with the first Trickster, a criminal brains named James Jesse, who has been detained for a long time. Things rapidly go from awful to more regrettable when the Tricksters unite and take Henry detainee.

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The Flash S01E18 ‘All Star Team Up’


Felicity Smoak and Ray come to Central City looking for help with Ray’s suit; a meta-human discharges lethal mechanical honey bees; a gathering supper does not go as arranged.

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The Flash S01E19 ‘Who Is Harrison Wells?’


Joe and Cisco visit Starling City and approach Captain Lance for help with their examination concerning Dr. Wells; Laurel approaches Cisco for some help; Barry faces another adversary who can camouflage himself into anybody he touches.

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The Flash S01E20 ‘The Trap’


Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, and Joe set a trap for Wells. Cisco utilizes himself as lure which places him in extraordinary threat. In the interim, Eddie settles on a choice with respect to Iris, which leaves Joe somewhat unsettled.

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The Flash S01E21 ‘Grodd Lives’


Barry manages the most recent danger from the Reverse-Flash; Dr. Wells occupies the group by discharging Grodd on the city; Iris and Barry have a genuine talk.

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The Flash S01E22 ‘Rogue Air’


Dr. Wells reactivates the atom smasher and Barry needs to move the Meta people away. To do that, he needs assistance and he approaches Captain Cold for it.

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The Flash S01E23 ‘Fast Enough’


At the point when the atom smasher is back on the web, Barry will need to backpedal so as to stop Eobard Thawne on the night of his mom’s homicide 15 years prior.

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