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Release Date: 2 oct 2017
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In Atlanta, Georgia, the mutant Clarice Fong escapes from prison with her teleporting abilities, and is rescued from police by members of a mutant underground that aims to protect persecuted mutants from the government. During this, Lorna Dane / Polaris is captured by the police, and is later asked by district attorney Reed Strucker to cooperate with him in exchange for a reduced sentence. Reed’s children, Lauren and Andy, go to their school dance that night, where Andy is attacked by bullies. The stress causes Andy’s mutant abilities to manifest, and he telekinetically causes major damage to the school. Lauren helps him escape, revealing that she is also a mutant. The pair and their parents are forced to go into hiding immediately by the arrival of the anti-mutant Sentinel Services (SS) agency. Reed convinces a member of the underground, Marcos Diaz / Eclipse, to help them in exchange for information on Polaris, but Turner and SS also arrive at their meeting. Clarice is able to teleport everyone to safety, except for Reed, who is captured.

Season Number: Season 1
Episode Number: Episode 1

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Clarice falls unconscious from the effort of teleporting the group back to the underground’s hideout, losing control of her abilities. Portals begin to open to an unknown road, causing an accident that is brought to the attention of police. Caitlin, a nurse, offers to look for medication that may help Clarice, and races to a nearby hospital that still treats mutants with Eclipse, where they use an old injury to gain access to the medication. In prison, Polaris has a collar placed on her that gives her a shock whenever she tries to use her abilities. She faces discrimination and attacks from the other prisoners, and when she pushes through the pain of her collar to fight back, she is put in solitary confinement. Reed is interrogated by Turner, who tries various techniques to get Reed’s cooperation, including interrogating Reed’s mother Ellen. Caitlin and Eclipse return in time to help Clarice before her portals cause major damage and force the underground to evacuate. Reed agrees to give Turner the location of the underground in exchange for the freedom of his family.

Season Number: Season 1
Episode Number: Episode 2

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Reed, being tracked by Turner, meets up with a mutant that he knows is working with Eclipse, and he agrees to smuggle Reed to the underground, but Reed decides to not put the mutants in harm and returns to Turner. Clarice begins working with John Proudstar / Thunderbird to control her abilities, but does not have someone that she truly cares about that she can focus her emotions on. Trying to help the underground, Caitlin secretly leaves and finds her brother Daniel, who she says has “connections”, and is accompanied by her children. Daniel is unwilling to help, and when news gets out that they are there the Struckers are confronted by locals who want to keep their neighborhood safe. They escape the house with the help of Eclipse and Thunderbird. Clarice creates a portal for the group to return to the underground, but can only do this with strong feelings for Thunderbird, implanted by the mutant Sonya Simonson / Dreamer. Turner turns down an offer for help from scientist Roderick Campbell, who is interested in the Strucker children.

Season Number: Season 1
Episode Number: Episode 3

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Download The Gifted – Season 1 Episode 4

Two years ago, the underground helped several mutants escape from an SS “Relocation Center”, but Thunderbird’s best friend Gus / Pulse—who can short out electrical circuits and other mutants’ abilities—was believed to have been killed. Now, the underground plans to rescue Reed and Polaris from SS before they are delivered to a similar center, one that inmates do not return from. Eclipse gets information on the route they will be taken from the cartel he used to work for, now run by his former girlfriend Carmen Guerra. She forces him to use his abilities to torture someone for her in exchange for the information. The underground attacks the convoy transporting Reed and Polaris, with Andy and Lauren combining their abilities to stop the vehicles. They all lose their abilities when Pulse appears, alive and working for SS. Thunderbird knocks Pulse unconscious, Polaris breaks herself and Reed out, and they all escape. Meanwhile, Clarice continues to remember her feelings for Thunderbird, but he tells her that they have never been together.

Season Number: Season 1
Episode Number: Episode 4

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Download The Gifted – Season 1 Episode 5

Thunderbird takes the Struckers back to the underground, where a mutant named Fade recognizes Reed as having been working with Turner; many of the underground’s members are uncomfortable with Reed joining them. In order to prove his loyalty, Reed suggests using himself as bait to lure away the SS agents. Thunderbird tasks Fade with helping Reed, and they are successful. Meanwhile, Caitlin, Lauren, and Andy are able to save the life of an injured mutant, Trader. Having earned the underground’s trust, the Struckers decide to stay and fight with them. Eclipse and Polaris attack an SS blockade and capture Turner. Dreamer and Clarice join them, as they are surrounded by SS. Dreamer begins searching Turner’s memories for information, learning of the program that converted Pulse to an SS agent. She is unable to finish before they have to flee, leaving Turner believing that his daughter Grace is still alive despite her death during a mutant protest four years earlier. Clarice later confronts Dreamer about altering her memories.

Season Number: Season 1
Episode Number: Episode 5

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Download The Gifted – Season 1 Episode 6

Clarice confronts Thunderbird about him not telling her what Dreamer did to her memories, and decides to leave the underground. The group plans to attack a Federal facility where Pulse was taken without Clarice’s help; Reed, Eclipse, and Andy go to break in and steal information on the mutants who are now working for SS. Thunderbird worries that these mutants could be the deciding factor in a war that the X-Men believed was coming (they put Thunderbird in charge of the underground before they disappeared). Reed becomes concerned with Andy’s abilities and how he enjoys using them to destroy things, and attempts to gain Andy’s trust as his father again. After stealing the information, the trio are followed by police into an SS ambush. Polaris takes Lauren and another young mutant, visual illusionist Wes, to help them. Meanwhile, Turner is given a mandatory leave for his reborn grief, but ignores this and instead begins a new partnership with Campbell, giving him the information about Andy and Lauren in exchange for his help.

Season Number: Season 1
Episode Number: Episode 6

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Download The Gifted – Season 1 Episode 7

Guerra forces Eclipse to help her on another job, this time destroying a rival’s shipment of drugs; Polaris and Dreamer follow Eclipse after the former discovered he was lying about his whereabouts, and see him work with Guerra. Thunderbird tracks down Clarice, and offers to help her find the road that her portals were opening to when she was sick. They realize that the road leads to the home for mutants that she lived in as a child, but it is now derelict after SS agents stormed the building and killed its inhabitants. She agrees to rejoin the fight. From the stolen information, the underground learns that Wes has a criminal background, leading to him leaving for another underground group, and that Reed’s father may have been involved with Campbell’s program to turn mutants when he worked for Trask Industries. Now, Campbell and Turner prepare to send these mutants, called Hounds, undercover within the underground. When a DOJ official attempts to stop the pair from using their illegal actions, one of the Hounds makes her have a stroke.

Season Number: Season 1
Episode Number: Episode 7

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Download The Gifted – Season 1 Episode 8

The underground rescue a group of refugees, but a telepath among them, Esme, reveals another of the mutants to be a Hound. The latter is taken hostage, and Esme is able to help read her mind; they learn that she was taken hostage by Trask Industries, and their work on her included addicting her to the drug Kick. Reed and Thunderbird visit Reed’s estranged father Otto, who used to work for Trask. Otto reveals that his father and aunt, Andreas and Andrea von Strucker, were the mutant terrorists Fenris. They had extremely powerful abilities, which they passed on to Otto; his work at Trask focused on suppressing the mutant X-gene, and he prevented Reed from developing these abilities. Lauren and Andy now have the same abilities as the von Struckers, and can become as powerful as them if their powers are combined. Campbell and SS agents arrive to interrogate Otto, and he attacks them with his abilities to protect Reed and Thunderbird. Otto is able to overcome Pulse’s mutant suppressing, releasing a blast that injures Campbell and kills Pulse.

Season Number: Season 1
Episode Number: Episode 8

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Download The Gifted – Season 1 Episode 9

Reed tells his family about his history as a mutant, and about the von Struckers and their terrorist activities. He and Caitlin test Andy and Lauren to see if they could become as powerful as the twins; holding hands, the pair feel the power to destroy the entire building, and are only stopped by Reed separating them. Desperate to rescue her family from Trask, Esme uses her abilities to manipulate the others into agreeing with a plan of attack: Clarice, Dreamer, and the Struckers will take out a power plant supporting the Trask facility, which can then be attacked by her, Polaris, Eclipse, and Thunderbird. Turner predicts this, and organizes an unofficial SS task force to storm the power plant before it can be disabled. Clarice and Dreamer are captured trying to allow Andy and Lauren to escape, as Reed and Caitlin watch in horror from a van outside. Trapped in the basement, Andy and Lauren join hands, but Andy stops them from using their combined abilities before they kill all the building’s inhabitants. They surrender themselves to Turner.

Season Number: Season 1
Episode Number: Episode 9

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Download The Gifted – Season 1 Episode 10

Polaris wants to immediately attack Sentinel Services, but Reed and Caitlin argue for a diplomatic solution that will not endanger their children, potentially reaching out to some of Reed’s old contacts about Trask and the Hound program. Esme talks to Reed and Caitlin in secret, and suggests that they go to Turner and hope that his better nature prevails. When Esme tells the other mutants what the couple intend to do, they prepare to attack. At Trask Industries, a heavily scarred Campbell forces Andy and Lauren to demonstrate their combined powers by killing Dreamer, and they are able to dent an apparently “indestructible” adamantium wall. After he is confronted by the Struckers, Turner plans to arrest them, but is convinced by his wife to do the right thing. Turner goes to Trask to transfer the mutants back to Sentinel Services. The mutants use this opportunity to attack, but they are betrayed by Esme. She makes the guards kill each other and themselves, and releases her identical sisters, Phoebe and Sophie Frost, who have the same abilities as her.

Season Number: Season 1
Episode Number: Episode 10

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Download The Gifted – Season 1 Episode 11

The Frost sisters approach the underground for help in stopping the Hound program, though they are doing so to support their own agenda of rebuilding the Hellfire Club. The underground members refuse, while Reed and Caitlin decide to take their family to Mexico. They stop at another refugee base on the way, where they reunite with Wes. One of the sisters visits Andy, asking him to reconsider leaving. Another visits Polaris, and uses knowledge of her mysterious birth father—who once led the Hellfire Club—and her unborn baby to try manipulate her into assisting them. Turner and Campbell launch an attack on the Struckers’ location, using Hounds who can combine their abilities with technology developed from Lauren and Andy to start destroying the building and arrest mutants. Polaris, Clarice, Eclipse, and Thunderbird arrive to rescue them, but only the intervention of the sisters allows them to successfully escape. The underground formally partners with the Hellfire Club, unaware that the sisters had given SS the location of the base.

Season Number: Season 1
Episode Number: Episode 11

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Download The Gifted – Season 1 Episode 12-13

Polaris, Eclipse, Thunderbird, and Clarice join the Frost sisters at a safe house where Esme explains that when the X-Men established the underground before their disappearance, their rival group the Brotherhood established the new Hellfire Club before their own disappearance. Campbell meets with the anti-mutant Senator Montez at the Humanity Today conference, where he talks about his advancements in the fight to eradicate the X-gene; Montez agrees to give political support to expanding the Hound program for use across the country. Meanwhile, SS agents search for more information on Otto’s research. Learning that they are going after Ellen, the Struckers go to her office and persuade her to go into hiding. Andy and Lauren disagree on how much force to use when holding off arriving SS agents. Ellen gives them the name of Otto’s research partner, Madeline Risman, before departing. The underground mutants infiltrate the conference with the Frost sisters to abduct Campbell, but flee when he uses children as human shields and SS forces arrive.

Season Number: Season 1
Episode Number: Episode 12-13

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